Sunday, June 02, 2013

Blazing Trails...

I should go out of town more often.  Never am I more organized and settled than when I'm preparing for a trip.  I received a call from my Southern California daughter last month that said she wanted to spend  some time with her "Mama"  and do some shopping.  What better place than San Francisco? :) No men, a  downtown boutique hotel  and some credit cards - should be a great trip!

Of course, the timing was off because we just took cats and kittens into our Petsmart Adoption Centre.  The first few  days when we open in the centre are always a little insane.  I wish I could be there for added support, but our volunteers  are on the ball and I'll probably only be in the way. 

We just rescued 26 kittens from a hoarding house a few  days ago.  The look on the veterinary staff was priceless  as the kittens were paraded through the clinic for vaccines and checkups.  (I think they thought we were kidding!)  I really expected this little group to be frightened, malnourished and having goopy eyes.  But my fears were put to rest.  They (surprisingly) looked really good!

Our first two adoption days of June have been great with 8 adoptions already.  The adopters  have been lovely and several of the cats weren't even on the website!  Adult cat adoptions over the past week have been uplifting!  O' how I love adult cat adoptions!  The biggest surprise has been the number of phone calls we've received on "Brando" - our 30 pounder!  We've had a ton of adoption calls on this guy.  He hasn't been adopted - but I think it's around the corner.

As kitten season is now in full swing, I have to admit that over the past 20 years since I've been rescuing I have NEVER found a box of kittens, personally.  Everybody I know has found a box, or bag of kittens.  This morning, one of our volunteers rescued a feral, sick kitten in a neighbour's yard.  Don't you think it's weird that I've never found kittens?  Maybe I'm just destined to take painful walks through local pounds.

It is possible that THIS is the kitten season that I won't stress out?  Right now, I'm feeling peaceful and happy about rescuing.  Our foster homes are pleasantly full, cats are not ill, and although the phones are busy I'm not overwhelmed.  There's always one funk every kitten season.  Several years it was Distemper - last year it was FIP.  I wonder what this kitten season will have in store for us?

Since I'm really never off the clock with rescue, I'll bring my laptop.  Our hotel has free Wi-Fi and while my daughter sleeps, I'll check emails, etc in the morning. 

I hope I don't find any boxes of kittens.

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