Wednesday, June 04, 2014

A Surprise Party

When David plays Bridge every other Wednesday night, I'm always happy to see him go do something fun that he enjoys.  It's really a huge "geek fest", but Bill Gates and Warren Buffet play, so why shouldn't my hunk o' geek play too?  I often take these Wednesdays to do something for myself guilt-free.

Sometimes I like to go to Home Sense and buy some ridiculous kitchen tool that I didn't really need.  Ask me how many red spatulas I have??  Sometimes I  walk the mall and buy something else that I don't really need, but "have to have".  One of the best things that I do is go to one of our Petsmart stores and really work on getting some adoptions and/or new volunteers.  It's guilt-free time and I really enjoy it.

Tonight, I had sushi with my sons, but I didn't really have anything fun in store for MY "goof off" night.  In  fact, I felt really resentful that I had to drive a kitten 45 minutes - one way - to do an adoption.  It's really nobody's fault, but this adoption has been on the books for several weeks.  The poor foster Mom had a bunch of sick kittens and this kitten had been in quarantine for part of that time.  Then we couldn't connect with the adopter.  You name it - we had problems making this adoption happen.

All the while...the kitten was getting bigger AND she's a black and white kitten too!  I was certain that the adopter would tell me that she found another kitten.  But she remained true to "Mimi".

I grumbled as I drove the toll roads which cost more than $25.00 one way to get to the adopter's  home traffic-free, all the while the kitten has pooped and meowed incessantly.  I finally took her out of her carrier while I was driving and tucked her under my neck.

Now I smell like poop.

The family was wonderful.  The father of the family dropped dead of a brain aneurysm last year and left behind 4 kids - the youngest being 13.  They were awesome teenagers and young adults.  Everybody was was polite, enthusiastic and were planning a surprise for the 13 year old.

At first I had hoped that I would have time to do some Beth related shopping after the adoption, but when they invited me to partake in surprising the 13 year old with the kitten, how could I resist?    The *look* on his face and the joy that the family had giving him this kitten.  It was a beautiful thing...

No amount of candles, spatulas, shoes, or sheets could've given me more happiness than doing this adoption tonight.  Welcome to your new life Mimi!